What is this site?

evesp.com is a showroom for your EVE-Online characters where you can show off your skills, ships and certificates. The big advantage is that we're 100% web-based, no apps, no installs, just a simple process to add a character and then an easy to remember url. Just add your character at home and access it quickly and easily when you're out and about, or even at home!

Isn't there already sites for this?

Yes, and please do feel free to use eveboard if you're after the extra features, the comparison tool is awesome.

The basic idea behind this site is to supply the information you want as quickly and neatly as possible so you can get on with shooting people in the face with lasers.

Want to find out if your alliance has gained/loss sov? Simply click the logo and you'll open up a small window showing you all sorts of goodies courtesy of Wollari's popular dotlan site. Most things are 'clickable', skills will show the description and a rough price guide, ships will load a new window showing their evelopedia page.

Cool, where do I sign up?

Simply click the 'Add Character' link in the menu and mash in your details and follow the steps on your screen. Implant data can be hidden/shown again later via the settings page. Don't forget, only your limited API key is needed.

How do I access my character?

Your characters can be found at http://evesp.com/Character_Name.

Is it safe?

Yes. I'd like to think so. No one can gain any access to your account with your API information, and if you're still not sure you can remove your character at any point using the settings page. As a bonus, the base for this site is open source. The information that we need to access on your API is as follows; '/char/SkillInTraining.xml.aspx'1, '/char/SkillQueue.xml.aspx'1, '/eve/CharacterInfo.xml.aspx'2 , '/char/CharacterSheet.xml.aspx'2 and '/account/Characters.xml.aspx' when adding new characters.

1 = Every 30 minutes, 2 = Once per hour