What is this site?

evesp.com is a showroom for your EVE Online characters where you can view your skills and ships you can pilot. We're 100% web-based, no apps, no installs, just a simple process to add a character. Add your character and access it quickly and easily when you're out and about, or even when you're not!

The idea behind this site is to supply the information you want as quickly and neatly as possible so you can get back to flying internet spaceships, shooting pepople with lasers, in the face.

Most things are 'clickable', skills will show the description and a rough price guide, ships will load a fancy 3D, rendering of the ship. Corporation and Alliance logos will load the info in EVE Gate for you. You can even open a window to send EVEMail to characters, simply click the link in the header for the character and sign in to EVE Gate if you're not already signed in.

Cool, where do I add my character?

Simply click the 'Add Character' link in the menu and enter in your details and follow the steps on your screen. Feel free to create a new API key for use just with us, simply click the the 'create a pre-defined key' link and you'll be setup with the right permissions. Don't forget, for continued access to your API key, we need you to set it with no expiry date. If your key expires your character may be removed without warning.

How do I access my character?

Your characters can be found at https://www.evesp.com/Character_Name

Is it safe?

Yes. We'd like to think so. No one can gain any access to your account with your API information, and if you're still not sure you can remove your character at any point using the settings page. As a bonus, we're (mostly) open source. You can see what API access we need on the 'Add Character' page, we only request the information we use. Yes, we could see how much ISK you have but no, we don't care, nor do we show this publicly, or any other personal information. (In our opinion, anyway.)

Note: We only accept the new Customizable API keys, not the old legacy keys.